Player Overview

What Does it Mean to Play in the NPL?

This page is intended to give you a brief overview of what it means to play in the NPL and what you can expect as a league player.  Please check out our Rules and Requirements tab for all the details.

  • Players will receive a "score" based on a number of criteria, but initiated by their win/loss average.  You can learn more about the score on our Points System page.
  • Each member will be ranked according to last season's rankings or will be given a starting rank by their League Representative if no ranking is available.
  • Each player will then receive a unique list of their required games within a 12 1/2 week period.  There will also be a few "non-required" games that they can play to bring up their scores.  The game sheet is intended to have players closely ranked compete against one another instead of having higher ranked players continually beating up on some of the less experienced players and inflating their scores.
  • A player will be required to play a minimum of 8 games and a maximum of 28 games within the 12 1/2 week window.
  • At the end of 12 1/2 weeks ALL players from that club will be re-ranked based on their previous games and a new unique list of required games (8 min, 28 max) will be established as we play out the remaning 12 1/2 weeks of the season.  This allows for players to move up (or down) the standings and have a chance at players ranked above them.  
  • Failure to meet the 8 game minimum within each of the 12 1/2 game windows will pull that player out of the ranking system.  That means not completing your 8 games within the first part of the season (12 1/2 weeks) makes you ineligible for the last part of the season. 

We're always happy to answer questions.  If you can't find what you're looking for here or within the Rules and Requirements tab, please send us an email at

Thanks and we hope you join us!