Season 2 Marker and Reminder

The 1st Season Marker of the 2nd Season has been reached, and bunched at the top are a few who remain undefeated. Joe Cortright from Portland Pétanque Club currently holds the top spot nationally in singles with an undefeated record bolstered by two big tournament victories. It may seem like Joe would be able to walk away with the season, but not if players remain in pursuit. Here is the way for those who have the will:

At the local level, it is important that clubs ensure that their leaders have been tested and challenged by others that wish to take the top spot. Tournaments provide additional points to the baseline score and are an obvious way to prove who the top players and teams are. Joe from Portland has currently gained +12 points by playing and winning 1st and 2nd in two open tournaments. Another way to gain points was created for clubs who do not have the possibility of holding frequent, large tournaments. Playing additional games is another measure that the NPL can use to determine player ability. A league member who plays above the minimum number of games can incrementally obtain up to +28 points to add to their baseline score.  Therefore a player who plays 50 games maintaining a baseline score of 90 would have an effective score of 118.

Please remember that the 2nd Season Marker on September 11th also marks the end of registration for all singles and doubles for this 2016 season. No exceptions can be made for those who pass the deadline. The Mile High Pétanque Club is looking forward to a national meeting of individuals and teams at the end the season at the Pétanque America Open. We hope your registered players and teams will challenge us to a game to submit for the NPL!

David Keil, NPL Commissioner

Season 2 Has Begun!

Bastille Day marks the beginning of a new season and a brand new opportunity for players and clubs to shine. This season also marks the pilot season for doubles league. The rules and requirements have been updated to incorporate doubles league. 

Listed below are the Season Marker Dates for the second season of 2016. Please remember that these are minimum requirements to remain active, there is no limit to the number of games in which a players or teams may participate. Inactive players or teams need only catch up and fulfill the minimum requirements for any season marker in order to return to active status.

August 7th - 1st Season Marker - Players in singles must have scored a minimum of 5 games to be considered active. Teams must have submitted a minimum of 3 games.

September 11th - 2nd Season Marker - Player must have scored a minimum of 10 games against more than one opponent to remain active. Teams must have played a minimum of 6 games. The 2nd Season Marker also marks the deadline for registration. No new players or teams for 2016 will be added after this date.

October 30th - 3rd Season Marker – This final season marker separates fully qualified players and teams from the unqualified two weeks before the end of the season. The 3rd Season Marker is a reminder to players and teams who are not yet qualified to finish their required games.