League Rep Info Page

League Representative Information Page

We've done our best to make the process as easy as possible for League Representatives.  If you have further questions, please email us at info@nationalpetanqueleague.com.

Requirements for the League Representative

  • League Reps need to be willing to be the point person between the NPL and their club
  • They need to be able to access their club's score tracking sheet, in the form of a googlesheet (which we'll create and send to them)

Once a club signs up, and a League Representative has been identified, we'll add the club and players into our system and send the League Representative all the information and instructions they'll need.  It usually takes us a few days to set everything up.  Expect about a week from the time your club signs up before receiving instructions.

Duties of the League Representative

  • Recording Scores:

    • Your club members will send you the scores of any NPL games they play.  We've found sending a text message to our League Rep works well for our club. 
    • You'll need to enter the score to that game in three locations in your club's score sheet (the "Club Scores" tab and in each player's tab within the googlesheet) 
  • Tracking Tournament Wins and Games against NPL member players from other clubs
    • A member of the NPL can score additional points for qualified tournament wins as well as wins against NPL members from other clubs.  You'll need send us an email with the relevant information and we'll add it into the system.