The NPL is free and open to anyone registered with the Federation of Petanque in the US (FPUSA).

Here is all you need in order to join:

  1. Find at least 5 pétanque friends that you will be able to play singles games with regularly through Labor Day.
  2. Select a League Representative.  You can learn more about what it means to be a League Representative here.  (We'll set everything up and send an informational email to the League Rep.)
  3. Once you have ALL the players who will be participating in the 2017 season,  complete the Join the League form. You'll need the following information:
  • FPUSA Club Name
  • League Representative’s name & email (Want learn more about League Representatives?)
  • Remaining club member’s names & emails (there will need to be at least 4 players in addition to the League Rep.)
  • League Representative will need to rank their club’s players and include the initial player's ranking in the email.  This is used to generate the first 8 required matches an individual will be required to play.  If no ranking is provided, the players will be ranked alphabetically.  Ideally it would be good to start with an initial ranking to help ensure players are correctly placed within the system.  This eliminates the best players in your club beating up on the newer players.  

It will take use about a week to set your club up as a member club.  We'll send your League Rep. all the information they'll need to run the season for your club.  

That's it!