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Top Players

Here are this week's top 10 league players

The National Pétanque League has been created to provide a national system of ranking for this vast continent of closely related clubs.  In order to elevate game play and encourage participation in club and FPUSA sponsored events, the NPL provides an easy to follow system that links league and tournament systems into one easy to follow standings. National statistics and standings offer a measure of club strength, how well a player or team sizes up against other players, as well as how a player or team improves against his a career.  The NPL is committed to improving the sport of pétanque at all levels of play.  This website is dedicated to highlighting the achievements of continent’s clubs, players, and teams, and to showcase national rivalries.

League Representatives

The NPL is facilitated by volunteers.  To help things run smoothly across the country we rely on "League Representatives" from each of our member clubs.  Learn more about what a League Rep is below.

About the Standings


The National Pétanque League is composed of licensed members from FPUSA clubs who commit to competing against each other for a minimum number of games throughout a season.  Their win/loss percentage and several other metrics are used to generate an NPL score, which is used to rank participating players locally, regionally, and nationally.  You can find a full description of how the league is administered here.